When Black Preachers Preach Vol. 3

When Black Preachers Preach, Volume 3, the final book in the When Black Preachers Preach trilogy, pays tribute to those black preachers of the past and present, who preach the inspired Word of God as the final authority on every aspect of life. These preachers have stood faithful to their God and to His unadulterated Word down through the years. If you are one of the few dear people who still love what God calls “sound doctrine,” if you love powerful and exciting preaching that is also biblical, then the book that you hold in your hands is the right book for you. Read it and be blessed and encouraged.

Table of Contents

Introduction to When Black Preachers Preach, Volume I
Introduction to When Black Preachers Preach, Volume II

  1. The Wrath of God, Robert Anderson
  2. Why I Still Believe in Soul-Winning, Tommy Steele
  3. How to Rejoice in Suffering, Foster Covington
  4. Bringing Others to Jesus, Carl Bennett
  5. The Importance of Reaching the Inner Cities, Victor Rivera
  6. How to Keep Your Dreams Alive, Kevin D. Barnes Sr
  7. When the Lord’s Bride and the Pastor’s Bride Don’t Coincide, Lynwood Davis
  8. Waiting On God, Tony Smart
  9. Hell! Do We Really Believe It?, Daniel Whyte III


  1. On “Being Saved” in Black America, Daniel Whyte III
  2. Things You Ought To Do After You Enter Through The Door, Daniel Whyte III
  3. Preaching Versus Pastoring, Louis Baldwin
  4. In Search of a Black Saviour, William Banks