When Black Preachers Preach Vol. 2

When Black Preachers Preach, Volume 2, highlights some of the most dynamic preachers of our present day. The men included in this volume are pastoring some of the fastest growing Bible-believing churches in America, and head up exciting, evangelistic organizations and conferences aimed at reaching black America with the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are one of the few dear people who still love what God calls “sound doctrine,” if you love powerful and exciting preaching that is also biblical, then the book that you hold in your hands is the right book for you. Read it and be blessed and encouraged.

Table of Contents

Introduction to When Black Preachers Preach Volume I


  1. The Tragedy of Lingering, Lynwood Davis
  2. Hell: The Abode of the Lost, Ed Carter
  3. 10 Things God Wants You To Do In The Last Days, Daniel Whyte III
  4. The Spiritual State of Black America:Time For A Change!, Louis Baldwin
  5. The Greatest Investment In The World, Glendy Hamilton
  6. To Have Sight, Marshall Robinson
  7. God’s Remedy For Societal Disintegration, Aaron Lavender
  8. Did John See You? Tommy Steele


  1. On “Being Saved”, Daniel Whyte III
  2. Things You Ought To Do After You Enter Through The Door, Daniel Whyte III
  3. Things To Remember In The Ministry, Dwight Scott
  4. Is Afrocentricism A New Religion?, William Banks