When Black Preachers Preach Vol. 1

In the not too distant past, God raised up a fresh and exciting voice in America. That voice is the voice of the black preacher who refused to use Gods sacred desk as a stage for entertainment or as a platform for political causes. Rather, these God-sent black preachers chose to stand boldly and preach, Thus saith the Lord without compromise, fear or favor. These preachers are not popular, but neither were the preachers in the Bible. No, these preachers may not be popular, but they certainly need to be heard. Your life will be blessed and encouraged while reading these powerful messages from these faithful men of God.

Table of Contents

1. A Wonderful and a Horrible Thing, Joseph Brown
2. The Day of Trouble, James Earls
3. The Storms of Life, Andrew Hamilton
4. A Sure Word of Prophecy, Robert Hunter
5. Deliver Us From Evil, Charlie Johnson
6. Naturally Concerned, George Joseph
7. Walking With God, Winston Ashley Leonard
8. The Five R’s of Isaiah, John McNeal, Jr.
9. Regeneration Not Reformation, Elijah Thompson, Jr.
10. The Sleeping Giant, Ezell Wiggins

1. On “Being Saved”, Daniel Whyte III
2. Things You Ought To Do After You Enter Through The Door, Daniel Whyte III
3. The Need For Trained Black Christian Leaders, William Banks
4. Suggested List of Good Resources For The Bible Preaching Preacher, James Sanders