The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn’t

by Daniella Whyte with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV

Illustrated by Danita Evangeline Whyte with Danae, Daniqua, Danyel Ezekiel, and Danyelle Elizabeth Whyte

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t is based on a true story of how the devil attacked and tried to destroy a Christian family that was trying to live right for the glory of God. As the story unfolds, you will laugh, cry and rejoice with the Johnson family as they go through a temporary but tough separation. But all is not lost. Through love, forgiveness, hope, much prayer and a strong faith in God, read and see how this family was brought back together on their favorite holiday—Thanksgiving—a holiday they had never missed celebrating together. This event in their lives truly testifies to the truth of God’s Word, which says: “All things are possible with God.”