The Prophet, the President, and the Pastor

by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte and Daniel Whyte IV

What is This Story About?

President Robert Rushmore knows he needs the support of the Christian community in America if he is going to have a successful second-half of his first term. However, when some Christian leaders refuse to go along with his agenda, the mid-term election prospects for his party look surprisingly bleak. Can he overcome the campaign tactics of the opposition to keep control of the government?

Rev. John Coverly has walked with God for many years. Burdened for his country and suddenly called into a new role as a voice of God to the entire nation, he finds himself speaking God’s truth to the powers that be. As opposing forces try to silence him at all costs, will he stand firm, or will his voice be drowned out by hateful foes?

When megachurch pastor, Ellis Emerson, joins the president’s faith council, he is sucked in by the lure of his proximity to power. As he pursues prominence for himself, his family slowly disintegrates, and he is tempted to compromise what he knows to be true? Will he recognize his error before it is too late?

With sinister elements operating under the radar, corrupt politicians plotting in the halls of power, and disaster and tragedy rocking the nation, the choices of three men will set the course of the country.