The Beauty Pageant (The Adventures of Lilly)

by Danae Whyte

Meet 13 year old Lillian (Lilly) Hill. She’s adventurous, fun, and she’s following God. With faith, courage, and friends, she is ready to ride the amazing roller coaster of life.

In The Beauty Pageant, Lilly thought she was going to have a boring first month of summer vacation, but boring was quite the opposite of her fun-filled three weeks at The Dionne, as she along with forty-nine other girls her age prepare to take part in the Dream Girlz Beauty Pageant. In the first book of the Adventures of Lilly Series, Lilly’s inner beauty shines brightly as she allows Jesus to shine through her to make a difference in the lives of her room-mates and Lilly will make a difference in your life too.