Mila (The Girls of Virtue Series)

by Danita Whyte
with Danae, Daniqua, and Danyelle Whyte

Book #2 in the “Girls of Virtue” Series


I’m Mila – Mila Alexandria Michelle Munroe – and there are two things I love more than anything else in the entire world: the Bible and ballet! I know those two things sound as though they have nothing in common but for me they have always gone together. I guess I get it from my parents. My momma, Megan Ann Munroe, loves music, and dancing comes naturally to her. Before I was born, she was a popular Broadway dancer, and now she dances all the time at our house. She dances in the kitchen when we cook and dances with the mop when she cleans. I know it sounds crazy, and looks even crazier, but she is really good at it and a lot of fun. Now she divides her time between homeschooling me, my four brothers, our baby sister, and working as a part-time dance instructor on the weekends.

My daddy, Alex Tito Munroe, is almost always away. He is a Marine and is currently on duty in Afghanistan. Sometimes I miss him – A LOT – but when I start feeling sad that he is gone I remember what he never fails to tell me on the phone when we talk together:

“Biblegirl, I am never really that far away from you because you are always in my heart and always will be. Pray to God every day to keep us safe and strong while we are apart and bring us together again real soon.”

Biblegirl is the nickname my daddy gave me after I won my first ribbon for quoting Scripture at our church. I love to read the Bible and can quote tons of passages from it (not that I’m bragging or anything), but I have a verse for everyone in every situation. When I have a problem or when my friends have a problem, I always say a Bible verse for them, and now all of them call me Biblegirl too. But I don’t mind and maybe by the end of this story you will see why!

– Mila