Georgie (The Girls of Virtue Series)

by Danita Whyte

Hi friends,

My name is Georgianna Delrose but you can just call me Georgie – all my friends do. I live in London, England (not far from the famed Abbey Road of the Beatles), which tourists crowd regularly. It’s really nice here and rains a lot even in the summer, but I like it. I live with my father and mum and our three Siamese cats – Flo, Spree, and Charlie. I used to be the only child, until I got a little sister.

My little sister came two years ago – when the most important thing in my life happened. You see, I go to church with my parents all the time, and take part in all the youth events we have, and two years ago, I thought attending church made me a Christian. But when I was fourteen, I took a mission trip to Cambodia and on that trip I discovered a lot about God, myself, and my relationship with Him. I’m sixteen now, and life couldn’t be better, but to understand why I’m saying that – you have to read my story.