A Praying Time

by Daniel Whyte III

The Destruction of the Family. Joblessness. Financial Collapse. Homosexual “Marriage”? Hypocritical Preachers. Materialistic Churches. Unspeakable Crimes and Violence. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Tornadoes. Uprisings. Wars and Rumors of Wars…

We are living in perilous times. We are living in a very unstable and hostile world. In A Praying Time, Daniel Whyte III rallies believers to the all-important work of prayer by first showing seven reasons why this is a praying time, and then showing the importance of Jesus Christ’s principle that “men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” This book will help to open your eyes, clear your vision, and prepare you to take part in the important intercessory work that God expects of all of His children. You will be challenged to pray for the world, your community, the church, and your family like there is no tomorrow.